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Yoga Therapy for Diabetics 

Yoga therapy for diabetes

Yoga therapy provides long term solution to your diabetic’s problems. When you start therapy you will find effects within few weeks. Yoga therapy for diabetics will start healing your Pancreas. It will control your insulin production. Yoga therapist will never ask you to stop any type of existing treatment. Yoga therapy is a supportive therapy for Ayurveda or Homeopathy treatment for Diabetics.



Yoga Therapy for Thyroid

Yoga Therapy for thyroid bring balance between your Prana and Mind, which started healing your Thyroid gland. Once your thyroid gland started healing, it make sure that all hormonal level is perfect in your body. Thus you get long term solution to your thyroid problems.

We recommend to continue or start Ayurveda or Homeopathy medicine so that it will help in controlling current situation. It is very difficult to lose or gain weight with thyroid issue. You need to continue your medicine and be prepare to do some heavy Yoga Practice.

Yoga Therapy for Back and Neck pain

 Yoga therapy for back and neck pain is very much effective, it gives long term relief from back pain. There is no medicine available for curing the back pain. All one can do is take pain killer for back pain.

Yoga therapy is not like some pain killer or instent pain relief therapy. It slowly give strength to the supporting muscles of your spine, which slow down your pain and your spine started healing. 

Once your spine is heal enough. We start back strengthening workout so that your back or neck pain may never come back.

Yoga therapy for sinus

Yoga therapy for sinus is very popular. There are some clinsing techniques to detoxify your body. Neti is one of them. We use neti kriya to cure sinus and Asthma. There are four main neti which is very useful in treatment. 
• Jal(water) Neti
• Sootra(cotton string) Neti
 • Dugdh(Milk) Neti
• Ghrit (Ghee) Neti
They looks difficult but they are easy to practice. No one should try Neti by them self. This technique should be practiced under well trained instructor only.

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Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Kendra is a Bangalore Yoga Training center of Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Marthand Peeth, JHANSI. We taught Siddhayoga (The Root of yoga) In this center. Which is the most effective way to develop our self at all levels (Physical , Mental and Spiritual) and to get perfect Health.


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