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नास्ति तत्त्वं गुरोह परम्

What is Siddhayoga?

Who is siddha

The short definition of siddhayoga is, "The Knowledge or Yoga given by "Siddha" is Siddhayoga.". Here is the question, that who is "Siddha"?? Can I see him or meet any Siddha??? I will explain first one "Who is Siddha?". 


In traditional yoga text, Siddha is explained in samskrit language as "कर्तुम अकर्तुम अन्यथा कर्तुम, य शक्ता स सिद्ध:”. Person who have power to control situations, who can make impossible things possible for anyone. Again if they want they can make possible things impossible and have power to reverse the process. 

Siddhas have full control over nature. They are like God but they are worshiping Sadashiv Bhagwan. Sadashiv bhgwan guides them for their further Sadhna (Yaugic Practice). Very few Siddhas (who have achieved the highest level of Sadhna) teaches (or help) other people (achieve the highest level of Sadhna). In general Siddhas never teaches everyone. They teaches only those who are eligible to get that knowledge. Like Shri Ram Krishna Paramhans teaches Swami Vivekananda. Shishya think I found the guru, but in reality guru make his Shishya to come to him. Guru select (find) their Shishya.

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Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Kendra is a Bangalore Yoga Training center of Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Marthand Peeth, JHANSI. We taught Siddhayoga (The Root of yoga) In this center. Which is the most effective way to develop our self at all levels (Physical , Mental and Spiritual) and to get perfect Health.


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