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नास्ति तत्त्वं गुरोह परम्


We provide yoga classes for all age group people. Each class is of 1 hour duration. We take Yoga classes for all level from beginner Yoga to intermediate Yoga and Advanced Yoga as well. The classes are suited for people of all levels of fitness and experience in yoga as teachers will guide new students with special attention.

1-   Astanga Style Yoga Classes:

  • Beginner Astanga Yoga Classes
  • Intermediate Astanga Yoga Classes
  • Advance Astanga Yoga Classes

2-   SiddhaYoga Classes (Traditional Yoga) for general fitness

3-   Medical Yoga (Yoga Therapy) Classes

  • Yoga for Pregnant ladies
  • yoga for Thyroid
  • Yoga for Arthritis etc.

Share your concerns and aspirations with your teacher and then after the class speak with him/her about the best way forward.

Apartment Yoga CLASSES

            We offer group classes all around Bangalore. If you want to do yoga with your friends, You can choose this option. Here we will send experienced lady or gents trainer to your location on Your suitable timings*. Contact us for booking your class. Please visit this page for Apartment classes.


Yoga therapy is sometimes viewed as just another form of yoga, which simply modifies the poses to a person's individual needs and limitations. However, yoga therapy has a lot more to offer than that. A skilled yoga therapist can help you develop a range of tools for improving wellness and well-being or for working with specific health concerns. Many yoga therapists bring other health qualifications to the table and many include knowledge from the ancient system of health care, Ayurveda, in their practice as well.
Here are some of the reasons someone might choose yoga therapy over regular yoga classes.

Yoga therapy is a good choice for:
• People with specific health concerns, who want to acquire tools specific to their condition to improve wellness. Yoga has proven helpful in the management of back pain, arthritis, depression, anxiety and stress, back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, PMS, headaches, insomnia, menopause, and weight concerns.
• People who are looking for a fulfilling way to exercise. When done correctly, yoga is a rewarding and intrinsically motivating way to stay or become fit. Individual sessions are an important adjunct to regular yoga classes to ensure you gain the most from the postures.
• People who wish to slow aging and improve their health. Yoga therapy can give you the tools to deepen body awareness and increase the health of your body from its most subtle level of functioning.
• People who would like to develop a fulfilling personal yoga practice and optimize the experience of yoga Asanas as a preparation for meditation.


We offers home Personal Yoga and fitness Trainer. If you want to learn yoga in your home, we will send trainer there. Our trainer are very disciplined they always reach on time for class. You will never have complain about timings. Take our services and you will appreciate for sure. All you need is to just buy a yoga mat and be ready for Yoga Time.

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Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Kendra is a Bangalore Yoga Training center of Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Marthand Peeth, JHANSI. We taught Siddhayoga (The Root of yoga) In this center. Which is the most effective way to develop our self at all levels (Physical , Mental and Spiritual) and to get perfect Health.


 Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Kendra 

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