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World Yoga day event 2015

   You are in right place. Siddhayoga Kendra Bangalore offers yoga classes at home. Now you can take yoga classes for very cheap rates. Starts from 1000 Rs. 

  Apartment solution-First we offer apartment solution. You will get an experienced trainer for your apartment if:


  1. Your apartment have free space to conduct events. *Min. 400 sqf is required.
  2. Minimum 5 people are required.

Fee for apartment starts from 1000 Rs (*Depends upon no. of people). We are very clear about our policies. If you have more friends to join Yoga class, then it will COST you LESS. You will get 3 classes in a week. 2 Yoga+ Meditation and 1 for Kriya/Meditation. Yoga styles which we offers:

  1. Traditional Yoga
  2. Medical Yoga (Yoga Therapy)
  3. Kundalini Yoga

   Home Service- Home classes is very good option for ladies. In this option you will get experienced yoga trainer at your home if:

  1. Your home have an airy hall. *Min 300sqf area is required.
  2. Min 4 members are required.

   Price range for this option starts from 2000* Rs. (*Depends upon no. of member). You will get 3 classes in a week.

Yoga styles which we offers for Home Yoga Class:

  1. Traditional Yoga ( Good for being healthy)
  2. Astanga Yoga (Stamina building and weight loss)
  3. Medical Yoga (Yoga Therapy)
  4. Kundalini Yoga(Advanced Practices for energy)
  5. Nad Yog(Based on sound good for meditation)


   *For booking your class, Call us or contact us through this link.

   *If you want to learn yoga for you only then you can request for personal trainer.

click on book to communicate with us on whatsapp. or message us on 7019050842.



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Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Kendra is a Bangalore Yoga Training center of Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Marthand Peeth, JHANSI. We taught Siddhayoga (The Root of yoga) In this center. Which is the most effective way to develop our self at all levels (Physical , Mental and Spiritual) and to get perfect Health.


 Mahaprabhu Ramlal Siddhayoga Kendra 

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